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The Best Australian Dance Competition

VIEW Dance Challenge offers young dancers a fresh, new exciting experience in Australian dance competitions. We’re a passionate team of professional dancers who have been established for many years. Our main aim it to provide you with the most enjoyable, exciting and memorable dance competitions in Australia this year! We want to be a part of your overall experience as a dancer and to see you thrive and grow!

Are you looking for a dance competition that really lets you shine out as a performer? A competition that completely fulfills your passion for dance? A competition where you can expect to learn from others and grow? Then welcome to VIEW Dance Challenge and the Dance Competitions we are holding across Australia in 2022.

At each VIEW Dance Challenge Dance Competition across Australia we are offering up a huge array of awards and prizes. Our highly talented team of judges will be very hands on and offer you all the encouragement and support you need to perform at your very best. At our dance competitions we want dancers to go beyond themselves, to improve and to grow. We also want to inspire everyone else involved to enjoy the experience, in what we like to think is the best dance competition to come along!

When you join us at one of our Australia Dance Competitions you can expect us to be timely and well organized. There will be plenty of space for dancers to store props, get changed, and rehearse. The experience with VIEW Dance Challenge will be unforgettable and you’ll know this the moment you walk through the doors to the competition. If you love the art of dance and want to experience an electrifying weekend that is sure to transform you, check out our Australian dance competition dates below...

Location Date  
Melbourne, VIC 23-25 September Read More
Adelaide, SA 29 September-2 October  Read More
Brisbane, QLD 7-9 October Read More
Sydney, NSW 14-16 October Read More
Perth, WA 21-23 October Read More

So what else can you expect at each one of our fabulous Australian dance competitions? Well how about the chance of winning our Top Studio Award! This prestigious award is presented to the owner of the highest scoring Studio, not only with a trophy but a luxury holiday for 2 to Fiji! Yes, it could be you staying at a luxury all-inclusive resort for 7 days, flights included of course – you know you deserve it!

At each of Australian dance competition we will also be holding our signature ‘Final Hour Showdown’. This takes place during the last hour of our dance competitions where we ask each registered dance studio to present one extra special dance routine. Individual performances will be judged on how entertaining they are, and the winning Studio will receive a trophy along with a cash prize! What a great way to end the competition on a high note!

Sounds interesting? Well we’d love you to join us! Don’t forget the deadline is 22 July for all of our Australian dance competitions. We cannot wait to see you!